Male fertility profile – semen assessment

Semen assessment in Eugonia

Semen analysis is ideal if you are trying to have a baby now or you are thinking of having one in the future. Your results will be ready just a few hours after the assessment.

Why chose us?

We offer one of the most comprehensive packages for assessment of the male fertility. Eugonia is a fertility clinic, which means that we can offer a better assessment of the fertilization capacity of sperm in comparison to other centers that are specialized only in sperm. In addition, the semen analysis at Eugonia is carried out by experienced clinical embryologists that are specialized in in vitro fertilization and not by an automated machine for semen analysis, which is used in some centers. As a result, the high percentage of errors due to automated analysis is avoided.

If you wish to book your own semen analysis appointment please call us at +30 210 72 36 333, +30 210 72 11 108

What does a male fertility assessment involve?

Sperm production

You will visit our dedicated men’s room, which is private and built only for this purpose. In case it is not easy for you to produce a sample in our clinic, then you can bring it from home.

Sperm analysis (Sperm diagram)

We carry out an analysis of the sperm to check its quality. We look at volume, viscosity (how fast your semen liquefies), density (the concentration of sperm you have), motility (what percentage of sperm move), progression (how fast they move), abnormal forms (how many have abnormal shape), cells (occurrence of white blood cells that might suggest the presence of contamination) and agglutination (motile sperm that stick to other motile sperm). At Eugonia, the semen analysis is carried out by experienced embryologists.

Sperm activation

Sperm activation involves the preparation of sperm, in the same way that this is carried out during an Intra- Uterine Insemination or IVF/ICSI cycle. The quality of sperm is analysed straight after the preparation, as well as 24 hours later. Sperm preparation offers the benefit of in vitro sperm activation. In addition, prostaglandins, inflammatory agents and antigenic proteins that are naturally present in semen, can be excluded during the preparation. As a result, we are able to assess the best fertility capacity of sperm.

Sperm cryopreservation

At Eugonia, there is also the possibility for cryopreservation of your sperm. This service can be offered for those who find difficulties in producing a semen sample on the day of the egg collection, pre-chemo patients and also patients who wish to preserve their fertility for the future.

Results and consultation

Your results will be ready on the day of your appointment. Should you receive any unexpected results, you will be given an optional 15 minute appointment with a doctor or embryologist who can provide guidance on how to improve your results.

The total cost for the semen assessment is 50 euros, while for the sperm activation testing is 60 euros

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