Reasons to choose Eugonia

Selection criteria

The selection of an ART Unit is a very important decision, and it is your decision. The selection criteria can be objective or subjective. They are related to the efficiency and the specifications of the Unit, but also the personal relation of trust that develop with its staff.

We offer you all the information you need and all the reasons to choose Eugonia:
•    Our pregnancy rates are among the highest internationally
•    We achieve a successful pregnancy in the first IVF attempt for the majority of women
•    We offer a solution to previous failed IVF attempts
•    We formulate an individualized and friendly treatment for each couple.

Eugonia…with international recognition

•    We contribute to the international scientific developments, with our research activity and by publishing original studies in high-impact scientific journals.
•    We have deep knowledge and experience due to continuous scientific update and the principles of evidence-based medicine.
•    We design optimal protocols of ovarian stimulation for women with poor response and women with polycystic ovaries
•    We treat severe OHSS safely and efficiently.

Eugonia…with knowledge, high specifications and technology (state of the art?)

•    We have:
a)    Quality management certification ISO 9001
b)    Modern technical equipment
c)    A detailed and extensive database, which supplies us with statistical figures, useful in everyday practice but also for the publication of original studies
•    We reduce the physical burden by using new patient-friendly protocols with a short duration (antagonists, single injection, natural cycle, mild stimulation protocols)
•    We preserve female reproductive potential by oocyte cryopreservation (vitrification)
•    We avoid the transmittance of hereditary genetic diseases by preimplantation genetic diagnosis/screening (PGD/PGS).

Eugonia…with responsibility and sensitivity

•    We ensure that the couples are fully informed about each phase of the treatment, with the option of professional psychological support.
•    We adhere to strict principles of morale and bioethics.

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