Personalized ivf treatment – our success story!

Eugonia, a pioneer in the development of personalized ivf treatment, believes that every man / woman who undergoes ivf treatment is unique. Each couple presenting to an ivf clinic has an individual medical history and infertility cause. Thus, personalized ivf treatment is very important.

Personilized ivf treatment should not be taken for granted, as most ivf centers use one treatment protocol for all couples.

Our team strongly disapproves of treating all couples with identical and inflexible protocols.

It is essential to customize a unique therapeutic scheme for each couple, offering the opportunity to be flexible during ovarian stimulation. This is a prerequisite, for achieving the best outcome.

Personalized ivf treatment involves monitoring of the woman, with frequent ultrasound scans and blood testing. Although this may cause inconvenience and have an impact on all aspects of your life, it is crucial in order to tailor an individualized therapeutic protocol. It will also define the right moment to administer the last injection, prior to oocyte retrieval.

This defines the success or failure of an IVF treatment cycle.

Dr. Lainas is personally involved in assisting all couples that undergo IVF treatment in Eugonia. He tailors and monitors the stimulation protocol of each woman. He is constantly informed on the ultrasound and blood tests results and gives the guidelines for choosing the personalized ovarian stimulation protocol. Every day, our specialized midwives will contact and inform you in detail throughout your treatment. Dr Lainas, with his many years’ experience, reassures high success rates and low complication incidence by personally performing all oocyte retrievals and embryo transfers.

Eugonia presenting with high success rates, stands among the top IVF clinics in Greece and internationally, due to personalized ivf treatment, attention to detail, deep knowledge and specialization of our team.

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