The ideal embryology laboratory

The embryology laboratory is where the collection and fertilization of the oocytes takes place and where the embryos remain under culture conditions until the day of embryo transfer. It is a place of high specialization and sterility, with advanced technology equipment, that under the guidance of an experienced and well-trained embryologist can have a substantial effect in the pregnancy rates of a Unit.

The ideal embryology laboratory, as the one in Eugonia Unit, is characterized by:

•    Highly trained embryologists that are up to date with the latest scientific advances in the assisted reproduction field.
•    Cleanliness of the environment with the use of special filters and air-exchange systems
•    Clear and detailed protocols for every procedure taking place
•    Quality assurance with continuous monitoring of all factors that may affect the embryos and the gametes (monitoring of temperature and culture conditions, as the continuous recording of culture media pH with the pH-online system, etc.)
•    Maintenance of a database with detailed clinical information
•    External quality control and ISO accreditation from an official government authority
•    Research work that leads to publications in internationally renowned scientific journals

All the above describe the embryology laboratory at Eugonia and reflect the high pregnancy rates in our Unit.

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